Brexit debate condensed

You can’t just ignore one half of the country, and hope to make progress. Which is why the other half of the country must be ignored, in order to move things forward.

MPs should vote for Theresa May’s deal – on the premise that she resigns as Prime Minister. And she needs to quit, because she’s not capable of getting MPs to vote for her deal.

Government MPs can hardly be expected to know the meaning of ‘meaningful’ votes. Understanding simple concepts falls well outside the scope of their competence.

If there’s one person who’s responsible for Theresa May bringing our country to the verge of disaster, it’s Jeremy Corbyn: a hard-left Brexiter; who is trying to sabotage Brexit.

Quite frankly, it’s preposterous to think that a change of government is the solution to this debacle – which was created entirely by the current government.

The Conservative Party conducted the referendum, and they alone are overseeing its outcome – but this reflects poorly on everyone except Conservatives; because it was everybody else who failed to prevent the current scenario unfolding.

And finally, referendums are a terrible way to resolve complex issues. Which is why we need another referendum, to resolve this complex issue.