Echoes From A Winter Grove

Summer heat.
Crickets chirrup
Across the path.

Evening cool.
The great lake
Is still.

Rain clouds
In the distance;
A crow flying overhead.

An Autumn eve.
Across the way,
The smell of honeysuckle.

Autumn day.
The small birds
Live in the higher branches.

An autumn eve:
The stray dog has found
Something to eat.

Autumn wind:
The waves reach above
The moorhen’s chest.

Autumn morn:
The young coots
Stray too far.

Autumn wind:
Even in the best light
It is cold.

Autumn day:
In a world of many colours,
The sound of the wind.

Autumn rain:
The spider is
Cold and alone.

Chill wind;
The squirrel scratches at
The fleabite.

Winter night:
The moon is silent
In the lake.

Snow falling slowly;
The dog
Looking tired.

A charcoal brazier –
The snow has no desire
For this world.