Brexit In Sum, According to Britain’s Media

David Cameron called a referendum.
David Cameron spent a year lobbying the EU to undermine employment protections, as a pretext for Britain remaining a member.
David Cameron removed young people from the electoral register.
David Cameron decided not to allow 16-18 year olds to vote.
David Cameron was the Prime Minister.
His party is in government.
Most of his ministers supported leaving the EU.
Most of his MPs and party members supported leaving the EU.
His party’s electorate voted it into government, with a mandate to hold a referendum on EU membership.
They have spent six years overseeing deliberately divisive policies; purposely designed to turn people against one another.

The Conservative newspapers who supported his government advocated leaving the EU.
The same papers have spent decades willfully misinforming their readers about the workings of the EU.
These are the most widely-read news publications in the UK.
The remainder of the media almost entirely ignored any substantive examination of the points at issue during this referendum; focusing instead on the politicking within the Conservative Party.

Tony Blair’s acolytes in the Labour party are neo-liberals; whose economic commitments necessitate unfettered migration. They have spent years scapegoating migration for the social problems in Britain. They oversaw a major upsurge of migration when they ensured the accession of A8 countries to the EU in 2004. They alienated a record number of Labour supporters and general voters during 1997-2005.

52% of the public vote to leave the EU; citing EU migration as the primary factor. A disproportionate number of them are working class people, who have been economically disregarded by the governments of Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron.

They voted to leave an economic entity that few people understand, to address problems it didn’t cause, in response to an imaginary level of migration; with the hope of returning Britain to a past which has never existed, irrespective of the current global circumstances we live in.

So, naturally, it is Jeremy Corbyn’s fault that the public voted for Brexit.

That said, at least we’ve all regained democratic control over our destiny. To this end, the next Prime Minister of Britain will be chosen by 150,000 Conservative party members; from a two-person shortlist, decided by Conservative MPs. Thus making Britain Great Again.


Next week’s Headlines

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