What Is The Sound Of A Thousand Plum Flowers?

Spring has begun
From the mud
On the sparrow’s feet.

The spring butterfly
Has found its own
Flower today.

Spring heat;
The garlic grows
As it wants.

Spring mist;
The sound of the goose
Entering the lake.

The dunnock is singing;
Its small chest
Puffed out.

Branches of the willow
Almost touch
The water.

Evening chill:
Above the frosty heath
The faint moon.

The robin is singing;
Its face towards
The sky.

A spring day;
Even in the sunlight,
It is cold.

Evening chill;
Amidst the brambles,
Sparrows chatter.

The first spider of the year
Has already made
A new home.

The first mosquito
Of the year
Has a hungry look.

The first moth
Of the year
Is lonely.

The first butterfly
Of the year
Looks jaundiced.

Spring mist;
Across the lake
The cry of the moorhen. 

A distant storm;
The sparrow did not
See the hawk.