Will You Help To End The Wealth Trap?


Even in modern Britain, there are people who – through no fault of their own – are unlucky enough to be consummately wealthy. Fated to go without vouchers for foodbanks, simply because they are not fortunate enough to live on the brink of starvation, these people are caught in the wealth trap.

Unlike the many who have to scrimp and scrape to make ends meet, tragically, a minority are forced to endure the fare provided by expensive restaurants; or to cope with comfortable beds, in the undignified surroundings of spacious houses – if they can even remember how many they own.

A vicious cycle of high income, and low tax, is trapping people into long-term reliance on hedge funds, and inheritance windfalls. The inescapable binds of opulence often persist from generation to generation – with entire families never having to struggle or go without clothing, food, or heating.

When David is hungry, he knows that there’s no point in checking the cupboards; because they will be overflowing with groceries.

George has given up asking his mother to change the bedclothes – because the au pair will do it without any request being necessary at all.

Although Alan works as few hours as he can, putting food on the table has become easier and easier, as the basic rate of an MP’s pay has risen in comparison to the increasing costs of living.

Names have been changed to protect identities, but these stories are real – and only too uncommon in modern Britain.

Will you not help?

For just three pounds a month, you can help people like this escape the wealth trap, by providing them with the same income as the poorest members of society. 

Living on three pounds monthly will allow those caught in prosperity to experience a life of freedom once more – free food from bins, rent-free homes on street pavements, or mortgage-free dwellings in derelict shop doorways. All of this is possible.

Donate now to help our impecuniously wealthy members of society regain their dignity – and with your help we can wipe out affluenza for good.



UK non-taxpayer? Why not make your money go further, by re-routing your donation to the Treasury via the Cayman Islands; then claiming gift-aid?