Brexit is bad #FBPE

Those of us who are decent, intelligent, rational and sensible – while undoubtedly being too modest for our own good – really are entitled to take umbrage at this whole Brexit farrago. It has proven a highly frustrating experience.

There is no greater peril posed to civilization than the near mortal damage caused by Brexit – and that’s despite the fact that nothing has actually happened yet. One need only glance around, at the post-apocalyptic wilderness we find ourselves in, for confirmation of that!

Unlike austerity policies, or welfare reforms – which may have cost a few lives, true, but were a regrettable necessity – leaving the EU could very well jeopardize the interests of people who really matter in life: and that is just unacceptable.

Thankfully, however, a mere five years after Britain’s Prime Minister announced there would be a referendum on EU membership, proud Remainers have begun to formulate a bold strategy which is bound to reap dividends. Namely: saying Brexit is a bad idea; then demanding that the government grant the public a vote on EU membership.

I, for one, cannot spot any possible flaw in this scheme.

In fact, I look at this entire issue through the prism of simple commonsense. Brexit is bad, and people are wrong to support it. Therefore, we just need to complain about it a bit; and that will surely be the end of the matter.

Let us not rest on our laurels, however. Tactical acumen of this kind will not suffice on its own. It must be buttressed with action!

Thankfully, the mustered ranks of Remain have proven themselves dauntless in that very task. One can but stand back in admiration. If you cannot outmaneuver your opponent, I say, then overwhelm.

Whether writing commentaries, complaining about Brexit; hosting podcasts, and lamenting Brexit – or wearing EU-themed socks, while saying Brexit is bad – they have refused to take no for an answer. As they have reminded everyone, daily; since that fateful juncture of June 23rd 2016, which paved the way for the unending horror which confronts us today.

It all brings to mind Alfred Tennyson’s famous poem – the one about that charge of the light brigade: theirs was not to reason why; theirs was but to shuttle forward on horseback – so that they could hit people with their swords, and so forth.

All worked out for the best, if memory serves.