Motivational Quotes For The Modern Workplace

In need of motivation? Look no further:

How can the sky be the limit, when there’s a hole in the ozone Layer?

‘Let no-one stand in the way of your ambitions’
– Joseph Stalin

Bacteria thrives in precisely those places which are hardest to reach.

Dream big: even the smallest match can burn down an entire forest.

When Lot’s wife looked back, she turned into a pillar of salt: always look forwards.

The caged bird sings sweetest.

Keep smiling, and pretend everything is OK.

Nobody is born successful – they are simply born into circumstances which make success more or less likely.

‘Never give up, no matter what the cost’
– General Douglas Haig

You never know how powerful you are until you spot another person’s error.

If you stop worrying about the future, bad things might happen.

Happiness breeds complacency.

The human soul can be forged in war; as in proof-reading.

Life presents us with many challenges – some are good, some are bad. Take heart: all are ultimately meaningless.

The surest cure for doubt is surrender.

People are at their most influential, once they are dead.

Just say ‘no’ to simplistic solutions.

Do not worry about promotions: death is inevitable. Human aspiration is self-extinguishing.

Beyond good and evil, there is delivering on-time, and under budget.

Failed conspiracies would have changed the course of history, if only they had succeeded.

Facts are no match for a good narrative.

Live each day as if it was your last – for destiny is fickle, and the fates are cruel.

Let every paper-cut serve as a reminder that the universe is indifferent to suffering.

A pessimist is never disappointed.

Improve your performance by failing better every time.

All roads that lead to success will eventually leave you tired-out.

Good customer service rests on the basis that no profound human connection can be formed.

Be strong when you are weak; be brave when you are fearful; and once you are victorious – build a secret volcano lair.

You can always achieve less than you ever thought possible: be grateful for small mercies.

‘Hard work is its own reward’
– The Plantation Owner’s Manual; 18th Century.

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible – it means a foretaste of life’s ultimate futility.

Good enough is under-rated.

One day we will all be dead, and none of this will matter.