A Hawk Over Wheat – Summer To Autumn.


A spring storm
Up in the sky –
The first Housemartins.

Spring has ended
What do they mean now,
The wisteria flowers?

Summer heat;
Too many nettle stings
For one day.

Storm clouds on the horizon
A swallow
Flying past.

A blue butterfly
Amidst the socks
And Forget-me-nots.

Summer wind;
The gull makes off
With the chick.

Summer heat;
Across the courtyard,
The sound of the fountain.

Summer heat;
The butterfly and poppy
Are one.

The wind now and then;
The swallow enjoys
The last summer days.

Just before the storm  –
Swallows playing in
The evening sky.

Autumn nearing;
The crow cries out
Across the eve.

The first day of autumn;
The spider
Repairing her web.

Evening chill;
The first day of autumn
Has passed.

Early autumn:
The butterfly flutters here,
Flutters there.

Early Autumn.
The hawk is eating a sparrow
For breakfast.

Autumn deepening.
The ivy beginning
To turn colour.

Evening chill;
The hawk paces
From branch to branch.