Select index of odds and ends, and things.

I’m taking a break from writing, but decided to index some of the pieces I’ve written previously; which few people have read.

Or demonstrated the slightest interest in.

Be that as it may, however:





Inside Out – a romantic comedy, in several acts.

Partly about identity, partly about Hull’s history, and partly about…some other things.

I wasn’t aware there was a Pixar movie by the same title, until after I’d written it. Though I’m fairly sure it’s not about the same themes (hopefully – I haven’t seen it).

It was named after a song by the Mighty Lemon Drops – but on the imaginary soundtrack, I thought Captain’s ‘Keep an open mind‘ was more fitting.


Jesus performs karaoke in red light district.

About a Christian upbringing; in a manner of speaking. I can’t recall what inspired the title.


The wisdom of fools

About pretensions and grandiosity among the upper echelons. I have begun working on a more extended piece of the same theme.


Strange Free World (unfinished).

A comedy about the far-right, whose foremost exponents had begun to make gains in local elections around the time of writing. The play became more about the relationships between people, and what distorts them.

I didn’t finish it, due to lengthy illness. Its themes have become topical again, recently; and I may complete it at some point in the near future.

Strange Free World was the working title, after an album by the band Kitchens of Distinction. I was originally going to call the play ‘Nothing but rain’, in honour of Hull’s fabulous weather – only that seemed too cheerful.


Christmas at the Inn

An extract from Strange Free World. A play within the play. But taken out of it. You know what I mean.



More recent parodies of the far-right 


Sanguine Rivers – Enoch Powell’s speech modernified.

Powell’s words still have the ability to reach out from history, and harm people. So, I updated them.


Marine Le Pen’s victory speech

Similar, but different, to the above.


The Tommy Robinson protest march

Thicc Piglet for the win.


Yes, we’re in the middle of a zombie epidemic – but that’s no excuse for being uncivil. 

More about media commentaries, as penned by legitimate concernsmen, than the far-right themselves. But still.


‘I Am Britain – Now So Can We!’

Extracts from the unauthorised autobiography of Nigel Farage.



The Right-Minded View


These are parodies of media commentaries and talking-points. They occasionally get misunderstood; often leading to colourful responses.

For an early version of the same thing, see the View from Hull.



Research Essays


Migration, Employment Levels, and Welfare Reform

An analysis of claims made by Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith that migration into Britain was responsible for unemployment among Britons.

Were they telling the truth? The answer probably won’t surprise you in the slightest.


Brexit was the result of a corporate lobbying campaign, which backfired. What did the people behind it really want? 

A study of the lobbying campaign which led to the EU referendum of 2016, along with its outcome; and the interests this effort was intended to serve.


Brexit – a cursory overview: why it’s a debacle, and why the People’s Vote campaign is equally misconceived.

A study of the counter-lobbying campaign against Brexit; and the motives behind it.



Welfare and disability issues 


I used to write mainly on this subject – mostly, these are fairly short pieces about specific articles or policies. For more in-depth posts, see:

Why A Refugee’s Baby Starved To Death In London

Some of the cases which illustrate the truth of ‘I, Daniel Blake’

Truth and Lies About Poverty

Some posts are archived under Disability & Welfare, due to dodgy filing for my part.



Interactive stuff


Stuff you can interact with, if you see what I mean:

You be the ref – current political farragoes.

There Is An Article About Feminism/Sexism. What Is Your immediate thought? – A Questionnaire For Men.

Choose your adventure – as an investigative journalist, reporting on the EU withdrawal bill.



How to’s


Several of these are quite old – and I accept no liability for time and energy wasted reading them:

How to write short stories (with working examples)

How to create uninteresting and uncomplicated male characters (a sort of guide)

How to survive unemployment (another sort of guide)

How to prevent sexual assault (a guide for men)

A gentleman’s alternative to pick-up artistry (a guide for gentlemen)





A guide to DWP euphemisms

A brief guide to euphemisms in political-journalism

Contemporary Political Euphemisms

The encyclopedia of sensible politics

A brief glossary of Brexit



Three-line poems

I like Japanese poetry, more than any other. My favourite books are R. H. Blythe‘s four volumes on Haiku, which translated Japanese poems into English.

I wrote a lot of three-line poems when I was younger. These can be accessed on Scribd.

More recent ones can be found under the category three-line poems.