Three-Line Poems: III. Autumn – Winter

Three-Line Poems

III. Autumn – Winter


Autumn deepening;
Geese crying
In the distance.

An autumn eve.
From a withered branch
A crow takes flight.

An autumn dusk.
Smoke has drifted from
Across the way

Autumn rain
Falling into the pond
All the day long.

An autumn morning;
The sunlight
No longer warms.

Rustle! Rustle!
Passers by also
Tread the fallen leaves.

For the cherry tree –
A flowering

The leaves fallen,
It is now quiet
In the maple grove.

Winter has arrived
In all its glory –
My cold bed!

The old woman
Walking slowly
This autumn morn.

The autumn wind.
The blackbird
Clings to the branch.

Chill night.
The bright crescent moon
Of autumn.

Autumn ending;
The sound of
The remaining leaves.

On the rotten pear
The butterfly

A bright day.
The autumn wind
Roars through the grove.

Autumn dusk.
A crow flutters
On the pear branch.

Autumn deepening.
Rain falling;
Ivy beginning to flower.

A bright autumn morning.
The sun casts
Long shadows.

Tired and ill.
The falling rain
Is too much of a burden.

A pale sun.
Leaves falling one by one.
The gentle autumn breeze.

Autumn rain falling.
The stonemason’s work
Left unfinished today.

The stray dog
Has found something to eat.

Evening chill.
The pale apple blossom;
The faint moon.

An autumn night.
Forgetting the light,
I lost my way.

Early autumn.
Three geese,
One limping.

Chill night.
My footsteps –
The full moon.

Autumn chill.
The sparrow chewing
On the seed