The Tory leadership contest


And so it begins. The contest to become leader of the Conservative Party. Leader of Great Britain.

There can be only one.

And there is no shortage of top-drawer statecraft on offer, thus far.

So a summary, of what’s on the upcoming itinerary:

⋅ Fixed dates are not fixed dates.

⋅ The EU risks being cut-off from civilization – unless Europeans buck-up their ideas a bit.

⋅ Britain’s government should pursue a No-Deal strategy, to achieve Brexit on our terms. Either the EU gives us everything we demand – or we’ll walk away with nothing. That will show them how powerful we are!

⋅ Average British voters have exactly the same concerns and interests as American billionaires.

⋅ Politicians voting against proposals they negotiated, and disagreeing with what they agreed to, demonstrates the kind of integrity which only money can buy.

⋅ We must not let Brexit distract us from the serious task of telling Russia to shut up and go away.

⋅ Jeremy Corbyn is evil, because he doesn’t indulge in the acceptable kind of racism – like sending vans around the country telling foreigners to go home. Instead, he engages in the bad kind of racism – like, campaigning on behalf of Palestinian rights.

When the Prime Ministerial stakes are so high, it is reassuring that coves of such calibre are competing for the top job.

It is perhaps a testament to the sheer strength of character on display, from a government determined to cling on – against all odds; well past the point of dignity.