How to help women stay safe from harassment and violence – a guide for men.

by richardhutton

I’ve seen a few men recently, asking what they can do about their own behaviour, to improve women’s safety in public spaces. So, a handy guide for any man who is unsure:

• If there’s a woman walking along the same street as you – DON’T harass her.

• If a woman is jogging late at night, and she runs past you – DON’T sexually assault her.

• If a woman is using social media – DON’T threaten to rape or kill her.

• If you’re in a bar, and a woman leaves her drink unattended – DON’T spike it, then assault her when she’s unconscious.

• If you see a woman alone on a train or bus at night – DON’T grope her.

• If a female colleague is alone with you at your workplace – DON’T molest them.

• Stay alert: if you suspect you’re about to harass someone – DON’T do that. Cover your mouth with your hand, if need must.

• Know your limits – if alcohol makes you prone to harassing or assaulting someone, stay sober.

• Wear appropriate clothing when you’re out in public – for example, a t-shirt with the message ‘I pose a danger to women’ on the front.

• If you suspect you’re about to harass or assault someone, create a distraction. Carry something shiny with you at all times – and use it to divert your own attention when necessary.

• If you feel you can’t keep other people safe from your actions – stay at home.

• Carry an alarm at all times – if you are worried you might wolf-whistle at someone, set the alarm off, so that they can’t hear you whistling.

• If you find that your friends encourage or pressure you to harass women – find better friends.

• Enlist the help of others – if you can’t control your actions, tell a trusted authority figure to lock you up for everyone’s safety.