How should the Left respond to Keir Starmer’s leadership? A look at the options

by richardhutton

How can the Left respond most effectively to Keir Starmer’s appointment as leader of the Labour Party?

An array of possible options:

A) Announce their refusal to serve in his shadow cabinet, then complain when they’re not offered a shadow-cabinet post.

B) Make snide comments about him during interviews to the Times, Telegraph, Sun, Guardian, Observer, BBC, New Statesman, Daily Mail.

C) Pretend to have sworn at one of his prominent allies.

D) Denounce Labour Party members in florid terms.

E) Threaten to resign from Parliament if he doesn’t step down.

F) Send derisive texts about him during Parliamentary meetings, to journalists at the Huffington Post.

G) Announce their resignation from ministerial roles, on live television.

H) Resign en masse, and launch an ineffectual leadership challenge.

I) Blame him for every instance of online misbehaviour any supporter of his engages in.

J) Conduct a protest-march of MPs, over a minor disciplinary case.

K) Join cynically-contrived demonstrations against their own party.

L) Leak photos of him sharing the company of somebody controversial, to the GuidoFawkes site.

M) Claim that even the simplest policy announcements he makes are incomprehensible.

N) Claim that his most sophisticated policies are too dumb.

O) Complain that he’s too radical.

P) Complain that he’s too moderate.

Q) Suggest that he’s not opposing the government enough.

R) Suggest that he’s opposing the government too much.

S) Leak the party’s manifesto ahead of a General Election.

T) Take selfies with members of the government.

U) Exhort people to vote for the government.

V) Flounce off, and form a new Centrist party.

W) Flounce off, and take jobs with the government.

X) When they do well off the back of his popularity, claim it’s entirely due to their own merits.

Y) When they do badly in an election, attribute 100% of the blame to him.

Z) Continuously tweet that a different leader of the Opposition would be 20 points ahead of the government.


Support Starmer constructively: be critical of the bad, and supportive of any good. Lobby tirelessly for what should be done. Try to draw the Shadow Cabinet towards worthwhile policies – which will improve the Labour Party, and life for people in Britain. And not give up.

People are free to make their own minds up.