Photos of Hull during the Coronavirus pandemic

by richardhutton

These are photos I took of Hull’s City Centre, on 21-22 March 2020; during the Coronavirus pandemic.

People are living through a complex and troubling historical moment. I think it is important to try and document what is happening, as several quite harmful political narratives are already taking hold.

Tescos, in St Stephens:




The cheese aisle was virtually untouched – who doesn’t buy cheese, in a crisis?

Boots, St. Stephens:St. Stephens:

Paragon Station/Ferensway:

Impossible to maintain social-distancing:


Nearly half the shops are derelict, even before the pandemic affects retail:

Street preacher, forecasting the end-times:

Victoria Square:

The building with the dome is the Maritime Museum, where I used to help teach people about local history:



More street-preachers – the man in the black coat has heralded the end of days every Saturday, for at least the past decade. Seemed quite chipper, here. No passers-by to preach to though:



Council worker, looking on non-plussed:


Part of the fish-trail:

Carr Lane:


The man here wasn’t weeping, just using his mobile:

The presence of absence:

Instead of wind-witches blowing through an empty town, a paper bag in a deserted shopping mall:

Second World War memorial, Paragon Street:

Prospect Street:

Jubilee church, to which a foodbank is attached:

Jameson Street:

While the supermarkets are inundated, the fruit seller couldn’t find customers:


George Street:

Rough sleeper – possibly unaware of what’s happening:


Hull still hasn’t recovered from the recession of 2008, and has never fully overcome the collapse of its fishing industry, during the 1970’s. It’s now set to suffer again.

I have uploaded most of these pictures onto Flickr. Some of the older photos on the gallery demonstrate what the city usually looks like.

These images are in the public domain, so if people wish to reproduce them, they are welcome.