The Right-Minded View: on Amber Rudd being no-platformed

by richardhutton

I was shocked to read that upon a recent visit to Oxford University, Amber Rudd encountered a hostile environment; and was was made to return home. A place she had not been back to, since departing earlier that day; where she spoke only the language, and merely had family.

I’m not robust and unfortunate – I just believe that no-platforming a politician who misled parliament and acted unlawfully is wrong. Outrageous, and wrong. And rude. And offensive, and hurtful, and wrong.

Amber Rudd may have deported people, for no reason beyond their ethnic background – but they only died; whereas Rudd had to suffer the inconvenience of being disinvited to a student symposium, whilst on a train. And we all know how much trains cost, these days.

So, I think we can safely deduce the real victim here, quite frankly.

Now, admittedly, “deportation targets” and “abuse of power” sound bad; but it should not be forgotten that the Windrush policies were supported by the majority of MPs from all parties – including three successive Prime Ministers. Not to mention being endorsed by virtually every media outlet you could mention.

Any wrongdoing in evidence must therefore surely have been inadvertent; or, we would certainly have heard more about it. Just plain rude to suggest otherwise.