The Right-Minded View: Labour Party MPs quit. Truly a watershed moment in British politics.

by richardhutton

Today marks a watershed moment in British politics.

No fewer than a solid handful of MPs have quit the Labour Party, complaining about Jeremy Corbyn. Marking the single greatest realignment of the political landscape, since the last time several MPs quit Labour, complaining about Jeremy Corbyn; not too long ago.

Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Angela Smith, Chukka Umunna, Ann Covfefe – and the others, whose names I can’t recall offhand. These are huge figures of the Labour Movement.

Giants, even. Heroes. Heroes – who traversed British politics, with colossal strides.

These people were the Labour Party. The Labour Party was them.

And to think that these MPs have finally reached breaking-point – have just darn well had enough – a mere two years after they began briefing journalists about their intentions to defect; and then started receiving donations to fund their endeavor.

Nor could it be a more principled stand. If there is one thing that these MPs simply will not abide, it is racism. Prejudice. Common xenophobia.

If what I read in the papers is anything to go by, then the Labour party started being a hotbed of racism, the very instant it elected a life-long anti-racism campaigner to be its leader.

One who refuses to listen to the very real concerns that the same news outlets express, every day, about foreigners and minorities. Concerns which most of the seven MPs themselves have long insisted must be listened to; voting accordingly.

And they are only too right to balk at Labour’s acceptance of Brexit, as well – quite rightly drawing the line at Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to simultaneously support and oppose Brexit.

Now, admittedly, they all voted to conduct the EU referendum of 2016. What their critics fail to realise, however, is that democracy might be all well and good – but not if people are going to be silly, and vote the wrong way. No.

No. Then their elected betters must take back control.

The way I see it, what this country is crying out for is a credible, electable, moderate, sensible, pragmatic, electable, aspirational, moderate, credible, electable Centrist party. Pragmatising electably from the centre of the centre; and saying “yesnomaybe” across a wide range of issues, right now!

And how Corbyn can possibly hope to manage without future input from the tactical masterminds who devised the EdStone, is quite frankly beyond me. He clearly owes them a debt of gratitude; if not a big apology.


Food for everyone’s thought, there.