The Right-Minded View: I, and the people who agree with me, are very sensible.

by richardhutton

We all know that Jeremy Corbyn is personally responsible for everything that people who occupy the sensible centre ground of politics currently dislike.

True, the Conservative Party decided to conduct the Brexit referendum – and were aided and abetted by Sensible Moderate Labour MPs, who all supported their call to have one; and arguably helped lay the rhetorical groundwork for the Leave campaign.

Therefore, clearly, Corbyn is the one to blame.

As for the shocking revelations that Corbyn once expressed a vague bit of support for an iffy mural half a decade ago – well, it simply takes the biscuit.

This isn’t like sending vans around BAME neighbourhoods, telling foreign people to go home – or deploying derogatory terms while discussing woodpiles in Parliament.

And it certainly isn’t on a par with using colourful language about People of Colour, before assuming the mantle of Foreign Secretary.

Oh no – even famed anti-racism campaigners, such as Nigel Farage and Norman Tebbit have seen fit to vent spleen at Corbyn. They can see that this sort of thing isn’t cricket.

Meanwhile long-standing advocates of religious tolerance, such as Iain Paisley Jr, have taken the very brave, and very principled stance of confronting the shortcomings of their political opponents.

Quite rightly too, I say.

And let us reserve our fullest condemnation for Jeremy Corbyn’s reluctance to condemn Vladimir Putin.

All we ask is that Corbyn utter a simple condemnation – no more, no less. We all know it would suffice.

Now, admittedly Corbyn did condemn Putin – but it’s not enough to simply utter condemnation, is it now? We all know it doesn’t suffice.

If only a Sensible Moderate Labour MP was in charge of their party right now – they could make good use of all the competence, and long-term thinking, which the strategic masterminds behind the Ed Stone are renowned for.