We Must Condemn Terrorism – A Special Guest Post, By Reginald Horace.

by richardhutton

A dreadful business and all that, this terrorism. To put it bluntly, terrorism is much more than a mere conversation-starter; and there are limits to one’s forbearance. Well might we question the character and motivations of anybody who does not condemn it.

The habit of blowing things up is unseemly – something which needs to be checked, and checked promptly. All well and good in the lesser parts of the world, perhaps; but we can’t have that sort of thing going on in a civilized country. A man of regular habits doesn’t like to find terrorists in his midst, after all.

We are British, however; and in moments of crisis, we Britons do not waver – we thrive. We keep calm and carry on. We make a cup of tea; and welcome the prospect of armed soldiers patrolling every street in the land, rifles at the ready. This will serve as a formidable deterrent to any would-be suicide-bombers; who are weighing-up whether or not to give martyrdom a try, but are concerned about getting hurt.

If anything, it simply does not go far enough. Society is too permissive these days – even though it could not be more imperative that we assert ourselves, and take a firm line. Only the other week, as it should happen, I casually walked in and out of the local supermarket – without so much as a glance cast in my direction by the so-called security guard. Had I been a terrorist, rather than merely buying a pint of the semi-skimmed, all shoppers within would have been placed in direst peril. As it was, the excursion passed without incident. Food for the proverbial, nonetheless.

There can be no prevarications on this issue. What’s needed here is the moral courage and intellectual clarity to say that terrorism is wrong; and terrorists are bad people. Once that has been established, I see no reason for further inquiry. We must simply condemn terrorism; and let our vigilance never falter with regard to seeking out those who do not follow suit (just whose side are they on?). Blaming anyone other than terrorists for terrorism is just plain wrong – and if reading the Koran is a factor underscoring Jihadism, then the liberal elite who push for greater literacy and more public libraries have questions to answer.

In sum, these terrorist chaps are frightful bounders, and we will have the dickens of a time bringing them to heel; but they will find that we are quite prepared to indicate our displeasure at their antics. Doubts – that’s what we’ll give them: doubts and qualms; if not a good dose of consternation.




Author note: Reginald Horace is a regular contributor to the more sensible British media publications; and often posts comments on Twitter. His book ‘A taste of freedom: the war in Libya was moral and necessary’ is shortlisted for the Orwell Prize.