The Right-Minded View: The Casey Review.

by richardhutton

I, for one, do not have any doubts whatsoever about public concern for the well-being of migrants and refugees, of all kinds – especially women and children – being voiced in the media today; which is why there is such popular enthusiasm for rescuing them during their travails in the Mediterranean Sea, for instance.

Thankfully we have a government which is brave enough to confront the issue of sexism being imported into Britain by foreign men. It’s truly a day to behold when members of our nation’s Parliament bemoan patriarchy. Who could be better placed, after all? As many as 25% of MPs are female – a clear equilibrium; and setting the best of examples for citizens of all kinds to follow.

What’s more, unlike newcomers to our shores – who want to suppress women by isolating them, physically and linguistically, from British society – Theresa May offers an even-handed approach, instead; by simply deporting foreign women from our country altogether, after a stint in Yarl’s Wood.

Ms May would never discriminate, however – to match her robust approach to foreign women, she also devoted the better part of six years to ending the Health in Pregnancy Grant, closing Surestart Centres, reducing child benefit, undermining the provision of rape counselling, ending legal aid for victims of domestic violence, closing women’s shelters – along with specialist domestic violence courts – seeking to repeal abortion rights, and voting against homosexual women being allowed to adopt children: all of which impact upon women of all nationalities and backgrounds, living in Britain today. That is because Theresa May is, at heart, an egalitarian.

In recent years, ordinary people have been forced to rely upon the robust fighting men of Ukip to speak their very real concerns about the position of women in society; but I am confident that the Casey Report will see more mainstream politicians adopt a similar approach to the long-standing issue of how we can make Britain a welcoming place for all residents.