The Right-Minded View: PMQs 29th June 2016

by richardhutton

Another fabulous week for David Cameron. Britain’s most recent Prime Minister simply goes from strength to strength.

After romping home to an impressive second place in the EU referendum, Cameron took centre stage to dispense much needed career advice to Jeremy Corbyn; and rightly pointed out that Brexit is entirely the fault of Mr Corbyn, due to Labour supporters overwhelmingly voting to remain in the EU.

We all know what has happened here: Jeremy Corbyn is a stubborn Prime Minister, whose government has completely wrecked the country; and David Cameron is simply the honorable opposition doing his best, at a time of crisis, to serve the national interest.

To put it another way, the EU referendum is another fine mess from Labour – which the Conservatives now have to clean up.

Let us review the circumstances, in full:

David Cameron called a referendum.
David Cameron removed young people from the electoral register.
David Cameron decided not to allow 16-18 year olds to vote.
David Cameron was the Prime Minister.
His party is in government.
Most of his ministers supported leaving the EU.
Most of his MPs and party members voted to leave the EU.
Conservative MPs were at the forefront of the Leave campaign.

The Conservative party’s electorate voted it into government, having pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership.
The Conservative party imposed austerity on the country – and the poorer an area is, the more likely it was to vote Brexit.
The Conservative party has spent six years overseeing deliberately divisive policies; purposely designed to turn people against one another.

The newspapers which support the Conservative government advocated leaving the EU.
The same papers have spent decades willfully misinforming their readers about the workings of the EU; and blaming economic problems on immigration.
These are the most widely-read news publications in the UK.
The remainder of the media almost entirely ignored any substantive examination of the points at issue during this referendum; focusing instead on the politicking within the Conservative Party.

Cameron resigned from his position the same day that the EU referendum result was announced.
Cameron had a year to prepare a contingency plan, for the event of Brexit; but chose not to.
The Leave campaigners had a year to prepare a contingency plan, for the event of Brexit; but chose not to.
The media had a year to ask either Cameron or the Leave campaigners to produce a contingency plan, for the event of Brexit; but chose not to.

And, of course, 52% of the public voted to leave the EU.

Well, I’m afraid Jeremy Corbyn really must now take responsibility for all of this.

All told, another unprecedented triumph for Mr Cameron, and his admirers in the national press; and a week to forget for Mr Corbyn.

Now let us all have some cake, and eat it.