“There is no plan”: Brexit may yet be written up as a farce, rather than a tragedy.

by richardhutton

Figuratively speaking, Britain has just jumped out of a plane, with no parachute, into total darkness; not knowing how far it will fall, for how long, or where it will land.

Personally, I’ve come around to the view that far from being a tragedy, Brexit is possibly the most hilarious thing which has ever happened. I was initially angry at the result, as it means the public have decided to screw people like me out of any future; then taken aback at the number of racist incidents which followed in its immediate aftermath – whose perpetrators have evidently been emboldened by the referendum. But really – on reflection, Britain voting to leave the European Union is genuinely the most laughable thing to have ever happened.

As a justifiably lauded comment posted on the Guardian’s website has noted, Boris Johnson is now finished. By winning, he has lost. The only clever thing that David Cameron has ever done, in six years, was a typically cowardly exercise in evading responsibility – it now falls to the next Tory leader to press the national self destruct button: Article 50; which will begin the process of Britain’s departure from the EU.

So the Tory leadership is now a poisoned chalice. Whoever becomes the next PM is faced with the task of:

a) destroying Britain, triggering a global recession, breaking-up the United Kingdom, almost certainly ending the peace process in Northern Ireland, and plunging us into an economic abyss for several years – thereby ensuring the immolation of the Conservative party.

b) telling his/her vote-base, that they’re nutcases, who deserve to be ignored.

Similarly, if Scotland votes to become independent from the UK, in order to remain in the European Union, it will ultimately fail to gain any meaningful autonomy; because it will join the EU as a weak country, whose government will have to abide by the fiscal policies dictated to them by the EU – that is, Germany’s government, rather than England’s.

To put it another way, Scotland will vote to leave Britain’s austerity; and become bound to Germany’s austerity. An independent Scotland will have to do as it is told. If it doesn’t like this, it need look no further than what has happened to Greece at the behest of the EU. So Scottish independence is another toxic goblet; because at some point the the Scottish National Party will have explain this to their nationalist supporters.

So far, Brexit has cost Britain the equivalent of at least $350 billion, in the space of roughly one week – more than we have ever paid to the EU, in its entire existence. It has cost global investors $2 trillion. The biggest individual donor to the Brexit campaign has lost over £400 million in the last few days, on the shares he holds in his investment company, Hargreaves Lansdown. The ordinary people, who have had their concerns duly registered, now need the establishment elites to come to their rescue – specifically those who work in the banking system.

Labour’s ‘moderates’ are committing professional seppuku, en masse; in a disingenuous protest at Jeremy Corbyn not being sufficiently racist during the referendum campaign; having previously threatened to do the same thing in May, after the local elections, in an equally dishonest protest at Corbyn supposedly being too tolerant of racism among Labour party members; and doing so now, a fortnight after one of their colleagues was murdered in broad daylight, in her own constituency, by a racist.

Lexiters have been rewarded with a left-wing utopia of open fascism on the streets of Britain. Brexiters have a result that they cannot use, without causing their own downfall.

Britain has handed control of its entire fate to a pair of former journalists; who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, hoping that they wouldn’t succeed. There is no plan for Brexit, and there never has been – because nobody at the forefront of campaigning for it actually wanted it.

What has not been voted on – at all, by anyone – is what leaving the European Union actually means: specifically, whether it entails leaving the single market; or not. Neither the Leave campaign nor the ballot paper outlined what, precisely, people were going to get.

Moreover, people who voted to leave the EU in order to curtail immigration are now waking up to the fact that leaving it will not do that, as at least one Leave campaigner has already admitted; instead, it will only limit their own abilities to move abroad.

People who voted to leave the EU overwhelmingly live in the areas of Britain which have the highest level of dependency upon EU funding, in order to provide public services; and they voted to leave the EU ostensibly in protest at the pressure migration puts on public services – even though these same areas invariably have little to no migration.

This is the nation-wide spectacle of passengers aboard the Titanic holding a quick vote, merrily laughing away elitist concerns about hidden dangers, and deciding to steer the ship directly into an iceberg; rather than submit to the global tides.

Underscoring it all is the fact that the referendum isn’t even binding. Parliament can disregard the result; because the British Parliament has…sovereignty.

What’s more, having taken back control, the next leader of Britain will be chosen not by the general public; but by 150,000 Conservative Party members.

This is literally, genuinely, the most laughable bungle of all time.

Still, at least everyone’s moved on from an MP being murdered on a British street, in broad daylight, by an anti-immigration focused Nazi terrorist. It looked like that might have had some lasting consequences, for a while.