The Right-Minded View: Brexit Or Bremain? A Commonsense Choice.

by richardhutton

If you ask me – which, significantly enough, no one has – Brexit is the only commonsense choice before us.

It may well be true that 90% of economists think Brexit is a bad idea; but one of my friends gained a bit of accounting experience several years back, and he says otherwise. Is he wrong? Well, I do not know; and quite frankly, I do not want to know.

I say, class is everything – and the Brexit campaign has class coming out of every conceivable aperture.

For one thing, Brexit campaigners have won all of the live debates, hands-down, according to their supporters. For another, Nigel Farage once managed to throw somebody’s shoe over a pub. What have any of his detractors ever achieved in life? Certainly nothing comparable.

What’s more, it seems to me that Brexit will restore the boundaries of common decency to Britain’s society, again. Instead of having to live under a yoke, honest British shopkeepers will be able to sell square-shaped wheels once more, when freed from the red-tape of Brussels.

On the same tack, the precise instant that Britain has Dunkirked itself from the EUSSR, hardworking, long-term, British, economic families will no longer be required to eat croissants for breakfast; as they will be free to partake of the respectable full-English, without apology.

All of the most important things in life can be taken back, after all – from control, to unwanted goods; from faulty items, to library books. It seems to me that the contents of a breakfast table are of a piece.

No doubts the usual sorts will interject at this juncture; but that merely serves to prove the whole point. Whereas Bremainers insistently rely upon ‘facts’, and reliantly insist upon quoting ‘experts’ – rather than something they have read in one of the more right-thinking Sunday newspapers; Brexit is simply a byword for Britishness.

To wit, the great British public have legitimate concerns about unwholesome foreign sorts, and their confounding ways; and these need to be addressed. The elites may not like to be reminded of this fact, but our nation’s benevolent wealth-creators often pay migrant workers much less than their British counterparts; thus allowing them to take the lower orders’ jobs.

Vote Leave, however, will allow British people to compete with their Malaysian counterparts on wages and living conditions, once again; with no limit placed on the hours or working-conditions which can be demanded of them.

In sum, all of life’s ills can be readily cured with a steady application of Brexpertise; and I trust the British people to understand that.