The Right-Minded View: Will Labour Be To Blame For Brexit?

by richardhutton


If you ask me, which – I note – no-one has, Labour should be campaigning much harder for remaining in the EU; by agreeing with everything that the Brexit campaign says.

Above all else, Labour needs to reconnect with working-class voters; by sharing anti-immigration sentiments propagated by the tabloid newspapers – run, as they are, solely in the interests of the working classes. This is why they are so keen on trade unions, for example.

Let us consider the facts on immigration, as presented by the self-same personages and their acolytes:

  • Immigrants are to blame for the austerity imposed on Britain by the Conservative Party.
  • Immigrants are to blame for the Conservative Party’s decision to freeze-wages paid to low-salaried public sector workers, such as cleaners.
  • Immigrants are to blame for shortages of social housing, following various Conservative governments right-to-buy schemes.
  • Immigrants are to blame for the record deficit in NHS budgets – following the Conservative government’s decision to freeze funding at a below-inflation rate.
  • Immigrants are to blame for the consequences of closing the Migration Impact Fund, which mysteriously elapsed in 2010, after the Conservative Party entered government.
  • Immigrants are to blame for the bedroom tax, imposed on social housing residents by the Conservative Party.

And finally, immigrants are to blame for Conservatives scapegoating immigration. Every time you read something in the right-minded media blaming immigrants for social problems? An immigrant inspired it.

It is a simple fact that metropolitan elites, such as scientists, economists, people involved in unions, working-class people who graduated from high-school, the inhabitants of Birmingham – and anyone with a vestige of expertise on the subject – are completely out of touch with the general public on this issue; whose readership of the more right-thinking news publications has left them very nearly omniscient about the workings of the EU.

To take but one instance, a brief skim-read of the text on page 3 in The Sun helpfully informs us that no less than five quarters of Britain’s laws are now made in Brussels. This is perhaps why over three halves of people now agree with down-to-earth representatives of the working-class – such as the most successfully unelected Parliamentarian of our age, Nigel Farage, on the one hand; or Lord Rothermere, on the other.

Ordinary British workers, such as Rupert Murdoch, have real concerns about immigration which must be taken seriously; and naturally, the Brexit campaigners’ concerns for the concerns of concerned working class people, are motivated by nothing more than simple, kind-hearted, approbative benignity. And concern.

Our globe-trotting international wealth-creators certainly take this view. Consider Mr James Dyson, for instance – currently trying to engineer a new vacuum for employment rights in a post-Brexit Britain; after patriotically off-shoring his factories to the worker’s paradise of Malaysia. Who could be better placed to address the problems of low-salaries, and weak employment-protections than such a fellow?

As Mr Dyson rightly notes, the only solution to this scenario of increased profit for some, and increased poverty for others, is for Britain to depart the EU, and promptly create a new trade entity; competing with India, China, Singapore, and Antarctica on wages.

And naturally, it will be the Labour Party’s fault if Britain does vote to leave the EU; as the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Times have sensibly spent the last week suggesting.

After all, the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron called a referendum. He removed young people from the electoral register; and decided not to allow 16-18 year olds to vote. Mr Cameron’s Conservative party is presently in government. Most Conservative ministers support leaving the EU. Most Conservative MPs and party members will vote to leave the EU.

What’s more, the Conservative newspapers which support Mr Cameron’s government also advocate leaving the EU. The same papers have spent decades wilfully misinforming their readers about the workings of the EU; fostering as much antipathy towards it as they could. These are the most widely read publications in the UK.

By contrast, the majority of Labour MPs, members, and supporters intend to vote Remain.

So, evidently, Labour will be to blame for Brexit.