The Right-Minded View: Vote Leave, And A Suggestion Of Dishonesty

by richardhutton


I’m afraid I really must take umbrage at this suggestion that there is something wrong with Brexit campaigners being somewhat creative with their representation of reality. There is, after all, a difference between the truth, as beloved by elites (scientists, teachers, educated people, well-informed members of the public and such like); as opposed to The Truth: the one guided by gut-instinct; and guarded by commonsense.

To put it another way – experts and their expertise simply pale beside Brexperts and their Brexpertise. While facts all unfairly favour the Remain camp, I say that fiction stands the Leavers in good stead. From Charles Dickens’ Great Brexpectations, to the Book of Brexodus, literature is very firmly on the side of Brexit.

This proud imaginative tradition of putting works of fiction to best use underscores much of the Brexit campaigners’ finest moments, in my view. For example, Messrs Johnson and Gove’s bold narrative that departing the European Union would provide Britain with an additional budget of £13 billion per annum to spend on the health service; which should more than make up for the £22 billion their government has withdrawn from it.

For another example – anything that Nigel Farage has had to say.

To their credit, however, at least some of the Remain campaigners have decided to incorporate tendencies from the practices of fiction into their own announcements – and good on Dr Sarah Wollaston for taking a principled stand, and departing the leave campaign due to one of its claims being exaggerated; in order to stand alongside Britain’s Prime Minister, whose claims on the subject have been admirably fictitious through and through.