The Right-Minded View: Are Current Immigration Levels Bearable?

by richardhutton


People are quite right to be outraged at these latest immigration what-nots. It really is perfectly scandalous; and I speak from personal experience on this, having heard first-hand all about it.

Only this week in fact, my neighbours, the Browns, took in an overseas – and if I may say so, ursine – lodger called Paddington; or some such, at any rate. Now, I’m not one to be narrow-minded; but if you ask me, this sort of thing goes on too often these days.

The likes of this Paddington fellow swan into our country, speaking barely a word of the Queen’s – all thanks to a lack of effective border controls between Dover and Peru; and are promptly gifted free anoraks, and jars of marmalade – all courtesy of the hardworking British Taxpayer; with no regard paid to the high sugar content, and the future burden this will place on the NHS.

Meanwhile indigenous British cartoon bears such as Rupert, and Super Ted, are unable to find work; or else find themselves wholly displaced from entire geographical regions – and nobody is allowed to say anything about this, either. Not without being called a wrong-one, at any rate.

Bloody foreign-cartoon bears: they come over here, they take our cartoon Bears’ jobs. It’s time to take our country back.