The Right-Minded View: Alan Sugar’s New Government Role

by richardhutton

As a self-made man – that is to say, a fellow who wrote their own success story in life – I say that this appointment can but be for the greater good of the land; and warrants the most fulsome encomium, if that is the word I’m looking for.

It is high-time that somebody began to set a good example for all to follow: namely, the importance of playing by the rules, and doing the right thing, in order to get ahead in life; thereby restoring traditional values, such as the free-market, back to their proper place. What the Lords and Ladies of this world show is that we can all reach the top of the ladder, if only we work hard enough.

To hear some people mithering, however, you’d think this was not so – ‘poverty’ this; ‘inequality’ that. If you ask me, such grumbles merely betray a certain poverty of character; and an inequality of, well, any comparable trait.

My own life-story is a fitting disproof of such nonsense; and is every inch as illuminating as that of his Lordship. Born in an NHS hospital, and educated at the local comp – at no point did I ever ask wider society to give me a hand.

My apprenticeship, so to speak, didn’t take place in the cosseted walls of any educational establishment, either – but in the university of life (the school of hard-knocks will serve just as well for those who are not academically-inclined). Instead of GCSEs, I had nought but a can-do attitude. In place of A-levels – a bit of pluck, and some initiative. And rather than any degree, merely some bootstraps to pull myself up with.

Armed with only these modest gifts, along with a generous trust fund, I went on to make a modest pile in the commodities-brokering racket. That is, before an inexperienced judge and a jury of my supposed peers – though less well-versed in the ways of the world than I, it must be said – decided between them that I should spend a fixed period of time away from society.

Goodness knows what all of this adds up to, but it certainly proves something; and if only people would learn from the examples set by self-written success-stories such as myself and his Lordship, the world would be a better place.