The Queen’s Speech: 2016

by richardhutton

Another masterstroke from Britain’s one-man Prime Minister: the crowning success in a glorious month of triumph.

From declaring that the referendum he called imperils us all; to his sound, tactical mastery, leading the Conservative candidate to an impressive second-place finish in the London Mayoral contest, few could question PM Cameron’s statesmanship.

And it is needed now more than ever; certainly if the government is going to reoccupy the centre-ground vacated by Mr Corbyn. Instead of doing something useful on the one hand, or something helpful on the other, Mr Cameron will chart the middle-course by opting to do neither.

And there’s something to quell any discontent among the left-leaners, too: who wouldn’t support more education within prisons? And with more people in prison than ever before, more people will therefore receive an education than ever before – without any fees payable, either; unlike those nefarious University students. I suppose if debtors-prisons were to be reintroduced, a two birds/one stone scenario might ensue.

But that is by the by. In the real world, the majority of people are happy with the current government. That is why 36% of people voted to return them to office; and if I’m not mistaken, a third of the public is well over half of the population.

And finally, let us not overlook the Prime Minister’s most heroic endeavor of all: compelled by circumstances to be a fiscal technician – Mr Cameron inherited a recovering economy in 2010, and turned it around in record time; all without inconveniencing those who are doing very nicely for themselves, at any point.

That is his legacy – which he bequeaths to us: the Queen’s grateful supplicants.