The Right-Minded View: £13 Billion In Unclaimed Benefits

by richardhutton


£13 Billion In Unclaimed Benefits? I don’t know what people are complaining about, quite frankly. It really is terribly unfair that the uncomplaining, long-suffering taxpayer should have to fork-out for this sort of thing.

If you ask me, the benefit system is not merely too soft these days, but is in fact so soft, that the main problem for DWP staff is not helping people to access benefits, but rather preventing ordinary members of the public from gaining them – if not literally spilling out of the national coffers, onto the very pavements of the country.

It is an open secret that week in, week out – if not day in, day out, in fact – tens of thousands of tax-payers have been resigning their jobs, seeking-out disabling accidents and injuries on unguarded building sites, or hunting down stray orphans, in order to provide them with lucrative, unpaid care, 24/7; or else cunningly disguising themselves as pensioners, and promptly descending upon Job Centres nationwide, all in order to avail themselves of the manifold riches therein.

As the more sensible papers have long reported, all anybody need do these days is turn up at an outlet of the DWP, with a sympathetic tale to tell, and an open palm; to immediately receive an abundance of solid gold mansions, season tickets for Westham Villa games, a pack of guide dogs with a free disability sleigh, chock-full of flat-definition high-screen what-nots; all paid for by ordinary tax-payers such as you and I.

What people forget is that Britain is a respectable, Christian country – and if you ask me, that is the whole root of the problem. This kind of thing has been going on since day one – right there, in the very pages of the otherwise Good Book: a teenage bride migrating to Bethlehem; giving birth in a rent-free stable, propped-up by hard-working taxpayers. Foreign men lavishing her with hand-outs of frankincense and such-like, in the Socialist manner. It is enough to make anybody’s curtains twitch.

It really is high-time that these shenanigans drew to a close, I say – and post haste. Law-abiding criminals, such as these, represent everything that is wrong with our society. All right-thinking people will surely agree.