The Right-Minded View: Today’s Local Election Results – Another Disaster For Corbyn

by richardhutton


Today has been a disaster for Jeremy Corbyn. Less than a year after a general election, in which the Conservatives and SNP were returned to government, we might rightly have expected that Corbyn would have reversed the entire course of British politics during the last decade; and single-handedly deliver every single council in the land to the Labour party. This did not happen.

There can be no excuses – Corbyn was elected to lead the party in the best possible circumstances, with bags of leadership experience to his name; and has received nothing but support from his party colleagues. What’s more, the media has been fair and balanced throughout.

There can simply be no other explanation for Labour suffering such a cataclysmic retention of seats in England: Jeremy Corbyn. This week’s results follow the disastrous landslide victory he suffered in the leadership contest; and the calamitous success endured in the Oldham byelection. What’s worse, Labour slumped to third in Scotland – the part of the country at the furthest remove from his leadership. By contrast, the Conservative candidate – Zac Goldsmith – romped home to an impressive second-place finish in the London Mayoral contest.

Food for Mr Corbyn’s proverbial, if you ask me.