The Right-Minded View: The Upcoming Council Elections

by richardhutton


I must say that, quite frankly, I – for one – as a proud member of the silent majority (and equally proud member of the local golf club; though that is by the by) – view the upcoming council elections with more than a touch of disdain.

I am simply appalled at the something-for-nothing attitude of so-called public servants these days. Only yesterday, I noticed that a chip wrapper had been dropped in my front-garden – no doubt casually strewn by some juvenile delinquent; who had grown up with too many rights, and not enough responsibilities – and was probably no stranger to knife crime, either.

As a result, I contacted – in quick succession – the council refuse department, the local social services, the regional planning office, the central library, and the local newspaper; before finally coming to my senses, and dialing 999.

To my surprise – in fact, disgust – the reactions I got can at best be described as desultory – and in the case of one university type, was positively indifferent. I consider it my duty to point out that this latter young ‘gentleman’ was of an unprepossessing demeanor – and even had the temerity to refer to me not once, but twice, as ‘mate’.

Far too many people think that these kind of incidents are merely the byproduct of the overheated imaginations purveyed in the tabloid press; but that is evidently not the case. What’s more, I have no doubt that fair-minded readers will agree this provides irrefutable evidence that such offices should be outsourced forthwith – preferably to companies which the right-thinking members of our government can personally vouch for, contractually.

I would add that by contrast to all of the above, the sympathy I received when mentioning this outrage at the meeting of my local golf-club was beyond reproach. That is because hard-working people, who have long since retired, know which side of their bread is buttered in life.

And I certainly know who I will not be voting for in these upcoming elections, thank you very much.