The Right-Minded View: The Comparison Between Europe’s Stance On Refugees In The 1930’s, & The Present.

by richardhutton



People are quite right to object to any comparison between Jewish refugees departing Germany in the 1930’s, and Muslim refugees currently seeking sanctuary within Europe. The difference could not in fact be plainer.

One group could be safely categorised as members of a religious and ethnic minority, fleeing a campaign of persecution waged by a dictatorial government; and meeting a solid barrier of callous indifference, on the grounds that they might be considered unworthy of assistance, while being representatives of a dangerous ideology which is alien to European culture, and a demographic problem being introduced into European countries – which clearly bears no comparison to the present-day crisis, at all.

What’s more, modern refugees could simply seek safety in countries neighbouring their homeland; just as Jewish people sought refuge in the lands immediately surrounding Germany, prior to the outbreak of World War Two. As many right-thinking commentators have remarked, history has never been known to repeat itself.

Therefore, we need concern ourselves with the matter no more. Such stolidity would serve as an undeniable testament to the British people and their timeless values, in the face of this problem. After all, the only way to keep our society decent, and retain our moral superiority to brutal foreign regimes – the ones whose violence apparently compels us to intervene in on a regular basis – is by using the iron fist of compassion.