The Right-Minded View: The Queen’s 90th Birthday And The State Of The Realm

by richardhutton


If you ask me – which, I note, no one has – there has been a distinct impertinence among certain people of a left-leaning variety, towards our nation’s beloved Monarch and Prime Minister, respectively. Their friend Corbyn may consider it acceptable to merely wish the Queen a happy birthday; but I say that this is an insufficiently grovelling attitude.

By contrast, on that score PM Cameron was simply peerless today. The socialists may quibble – with their habitual complaints about class; but what they fail to realise is that Cameron has class coming out of every orifice. One could very well say the same thing about our nation’s head of state, of course.

Manners are the true measure of nobility, in my opinion – and you never hear Mr Cameron or Her Majesty mentioning disagreeable topics such as ‘poverty’, variations in wealth, or the like; let alone talk about having to choose between buying food or paying utility bills in the middle of winter. No – this is because they simply have better manners than to do so.

They are also people for whom nobility is an inherent quality. Mr Cameron is a gentleman of principles. Many principles, in fact. If you don’t like particular ones, he has an array of others he is perfectly happy to substitute them with, at no more than a moment’s notice. The Queen, however, is a perfect symbol of Great Britain – as evinced by the recent campaign ‘Clean For The Queen’; in which the nation pulled-together as one, to support a government campaign of unpaid labour on behalf of a multimillionaire monarch, while local refuse services are reduced – in order to presage tax-cuts for the upper classes.

Nor are the usual socialist-inspired complaints about unearned privilege any more apt here. What those who pursue the politics of envy need to appreciate is that both the Queen and the Prime Minister worked hard, and earned their birth into prosperous families. The state of our nation is epitomised thereby.