PMQs – 20th April 2016

by richardhutton

Dear, oh dear. Another dreadful performance by Mr Corbyn today. Will he never learn. Facts and figures? Nobody cares about such things. It’s high-time the leftists learned to appreciate this.

By contrast, PM Cameron was simply imperious. No matter the question, he had the facts and figures to hand, in requisite abundance. And it’s high-time the leftists learned to appreciate this.

Corbyn may very well have asked why the government is set to spend a billion pounds on an unnecessary reform, while reducing expenditure on pupils by 8%; but Cameron deftly parried by pointing out that almost 49% of all school pupils are male.

While the leader of the opposition proposed that innumerable MPs in all parties object to academisation, Cameron thrust forth, defiantly, that one in three zebras are born without stripes.

And finally, clearly on the backfoot – in between gasping for air, by way of respite – Mr Corbyn ventured the desperate gambit that teacher shortages, overcrowding in classrooms, exclusion of pupils with special educational needs, and shortfalls of resources are evidence of one avoidable problem compounding another, with long-term consequences building-up increasingly; but Cameron brought home the proverbial, by confirming that made-up statistics are down 148% under his government – and down a further 234% since records began.

All told, another triumph for The People’s Prime Minister: a man who is not too proud to openly state his indifference towards low-pay, and weak employment rights, as long as he gets a free meal.

Mr Corbyn, however, clearly considers such things beneath him. For shame.