The Right-Minded View: Brexit & Destiny

by richardhutton



I am not a Eurosceptic – I am merely an ordinary member of the silent majority; who believes that continued membership of the EU will destroy all that we hold dear. I can therefore offer a balanced view on matters. Accordingly, it seems certain to me that Brexit is the only commonsense choice.

There are four reasons for this:

1) Despite what Project Fear may contend, nothing at all will alter as a consequence of Brexeunting the European Union.

2) Leaving the EU will fundamentally change every single aspect of life in Britain – for the better.

3) The EU is now all-powerful – so much so that Britain is no longer able to influence it in any way whatsoever. Not even in the slightest.

4) When safely ensconced outside of it, however, the EU will once again enthusiastically do everything that Britain wants; on the terms that we demand.

Nor could this Brexhortation arrive a moment too soon. Our country is now a bewildering place, thanks to EUSSR Brussels. Simply consider the following: under EU rules, wheels are not allowed to have corners. European football teams are no longer required to approach the game in the right spirit; which explains why British sides suffer such poor results. What’s more, you can no longer say ‘British toast for British toasters’ in public places, without drawing odd looks from passers by. I’m not sure that this is what I pay my taxes for, quite frankly.

Many people remain ambivalent about the whole Brexit/Bremain conundrum; but I say that a simple roll-call of who’s who points the commonsense way forward on this most inviting of topics. Let any scepticism be assuaged, thus:

Firstly, there is Nigel Farage – a man who can be expected to behave with unimpeachable decorum at any buffet table in the land. Whether the selection before him is hot or cold, Farage cares not: his deftness with the tongs is second to none.

Secondly, Mr George Galloway – arguably the finest impersonator of felines that his generation has ever produced.

Thirdly, Daniel Hannan. Somebody who is unafraid to state plainly that Britain is a wonderful country; but everything is wrong with it.

Let us not forget fourthly, Mr Iain Duncan Smith – a man who has never been known to shirk a challenge: the assembled chorus of expert opinion, statistics, data, and even the very fabric of reality itself might be ranged against his ideas – but that has not deterred Smith from acting, at any point.

And least but not last, let us set stock in David Cameron – our nation’s Prime Minister; who can be unfailingly relied upon to eschew the half-hearted endeavour, in favour of going the whole hog with an upstanding firmness at all times. Should his strategic mastery result in the government romping home to an impressive second-place in the EU referendum, he will simply take up the reins on the ship of state; and with peerless diplomacy, promptly negotiate new trade-treaties with European countries such as Iceland, Danepak, or Lidl – with favorable terms aplenty.

Is there a counterargument to this? Well, many people have suggested that Brexodus will disrupt our international trade relations with foreign countries; but that is quite simply implausible. For reasons which can be safely left aside, and given no further consideration here, for the sake of patriotism.

All told, I cannot see an argument against Brexit; certainly not one which can be made without recourse to facts and figures, at any rate – and if you ask me, they merely serve to function as the lowest common denominator on subjects, such as this; because you can use facts to prove anything which is even remotely true, these days. Much better to rely on gut instinct, I say.

Destiny awaits.