The Right-Minded View On The Tata Steelworks Closure

by richardhutton


Despite what the malcontented may opine, this so called ‘crisis’ is simply another moment for our nation’s finest Prime Minister to shine – with the leadership qualities he habitually exudes from every orifice, emanating forthwith.

Some may have uncharitable words for our friends in China. Yet the Chinese politicians very thoughtfully chose not to raise the awkward subject of workers rights and civil liberties in the company of our Prime Minister, when they visited Britain last year – politely sparing his blushes on an awkward topic for him. Mr Cameron knows it would be wrong not to return the favour, by discourteously saying something reproachful while China’s government puts thousands of Britons out of work.

Not that this should prove a problem anyway, of course – not with Mr Cameron’s steadfast hand on the anchor. His long-term economic plan will ensure that all those who develop a momentary bout of welfare dependency will benefit from the jobs miracle; and soon enough be working once more – albeit without pay.

In fact Cameron himself has set the perfect example on adopting the right sort of attitude in these circumstances: arriving promptly at the steelworks, he proceeded to point in a statesmanlike manner at a vending machine; before pointing thoughtfully at a paving slab; and, finally, he pointed patriotically at an exit sign – before departing forthwith, with his admirers in tow.

Contrast that with Mr Corbyn, and the difference is plain: travelling to the steelworks, at an unelectable time earlier that day; while dressed in a non-credible-opposition jumper.

Those who are concerned for the future need worry no more – cometh the hour; cometh the proverbial. What Mr Cameron knows is that nationalisation is never the answer to these quandaries – the true tried and tested method is to outsource British industries to companies which are run by foreign governments, instead.

When life gives PM Cameron national embarassment, he makes national embarassmentade.