The Right-Minded View: Compassionate Conservatism This Easter.

by richardhutton

Such impertinence has been shown towards our government this Easter. Anyone would think their recent decision on disability benefits represented an embarrassing Labour-esque U-turn. having been caught doing something untoward; rather than the commonsense pragmatic adaptability of compassionate conservatism at work.

The government’s track-record in office has been a source of constant wonder for all to behold – in the wake of the worst economic crisis in memory, they inherited a recovering economy, and turned it around in record time.

The reason for this is admirably simple, and therefore easy enough for even the most inexpert person to understand – as the media’s foremost columnists ably demonstrated when discussing the recent Budget. It is all a question of class.

There is no truer saying than ‘class will out’ – and Messrs Osborne and Cameron have class coming out of every orifice. You never hear either of these two gentlemen mention disagreeable topics such as ‘poverty’, variations in wealth, or the like in public. This is because, unlike nefarious leftist sorts – with beards – they simply have better manners than to raise these matters in polite company.

In fact, the contrast between our nation’s Exchequering Chancellor along with the Minister who is Prime, and their detractors, could not be clearer: a solid work-ethic underscores all of this government’s endeavours. It is often said that the only easy thing in life is being wrong; and that this is hardly worth the effort. Well, our government disagrees – it makes the effort: day in, day out. Nor are Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne ones to shirk difficult decisions, or tough choices – such as which tie to wear on any given day, for example, or what to have for breakfast; in between making undesirables of one kind or another homeless.

No doubt the socialists would paint a picture of them being incapable of learning to see through glass, or some such, as is their way; but what they fail to understand is that our government is on a mission: its members would rather see a thousand hospitals close, than let hard-working trust-fund inheritors suffer the ills of mild taxation.

And that is the true message of compassionate conservatism, this Easter.