The Right-Minded View: The Revised Budget & Disability Benefit Cuts.

by richardhutton

Certainly if the papers are correct today, this has been another excellent week for the government. A Budget which was every inch a reflection of its authors: compassionate, one-nationism; designed to deliver both social justice, and economic security. Give or take.

Besides, the whole disability benefits conundrum which emerged was, as the Chancellor of the Exchequer duly noted, merely a mistake – the kind that anyone might make, for six successive years; without even noticing it.

In fact, the contrast between the sound, right-thinking of Chancellor Osborne and the opposition leader, Mr Jeremy Corbyn – who, it should be noted, often wears socks which are the same colour as the red flag of the Soviet Union – could not have been made plainer by the media.

Whereas the Chancellor suggested that disabled people should be motivated to try a bit harder in life, purely for their own betterment, Mr Corbyn sought to unleash a socialist-inspired scheme of not forcing them to live in poverty. If you ask me, this kind of stance is but one small step away from the gulag.

A day later, however, Mr Osborne graciously decided not to further impoverish disabled people this week; for the foreseeable: thereby demonstrating the compassionate Conservatism which laid the blueprint for reducing benefits for those who lack focus in life – or, to use the emotive language of the left, have been incapacitated by ill-health.

One can but wonder what might have been if only Labour was led by a more credible figure – one who would have forcefully agreed in principle with the planned cuts to disability benefits; while abstaining, with a steely look of determination in their eye, as the Budget was voted into effect.

And we should reserve additional praise for the intrepid fourth estate, this week – whose investigatory prowess, and intellectual rigour, has seen them apportion blame to Jeremy Corbyn for any mistakes which might have somehow worked their way into the Budget, by virtue of Mr Corbyn’s contagious unelectability resulting in a momentary lack of oversight by the HMT.

It was presumably this very influence which saw the self-same pundits deliver fulsome praise for the Budget one day; decry its unfairness the next; before providing a chorus of applause again, a mere 24 hours afterwards.

There may very well be an enormous hole in the Budget, as the more querulous sort of person opines; the kind big enough for someone to fall down. But Mr Osborne knows that when you have dug yourself into the famed proverbial, using two shovels will dig you out of it that bit faster. This he ably demonstrated today.