The Right-Minded View On Benefit Cuts For Disabled People

by richardhutton

The government has today decided to reduce benefits for people who have been adjudged too ill to retain employment; by £30 per week. As the more right-thinking news publications have pointed out, this is no more than a commonsense scheme.

It is an open fact – if not an incontrovertible secret – that the benefit system is not merely too soft these days, but is in fact so soft, that the main problem Job Centre staff must contend with is not helping people to access benefits, but rather preventing ordinary members of the public from gaining them. Week in, week out – if not day in, day out -tens of thousands of tax-payers have resigned from their jobs, sought out disabling accidents and injuries, spent hours hunting down stray orphans in order to provide them with lucrative, unpaid care, 24/7; or else cunningly disguised themselves as pensioners – and promptly descended en masse upon Job Centres nationwide. All in order to avail themselves of the manifold riches therein. They would have gotten away with it all too, had it not been for Professor Iain Duncan Smith, from the Faith-Based Institute For Social Justice; along with his talking dog.

As the more voluble members of the Silent Majority have long contended, all anybody need do these days is turn up at a Job Centre, with palms open and a sympathetic tale to tell, before immediately being rewarded with an abundance of solid gold mansions – with flat-definition high-screen what-nots for every room – season tickets for Westham Villa football matches, a special badge to wear which exempts you from paying VAT on anything, and a veritable pack of guide dogs with a free disability sleigh; all paid for by ordinary tax-payers such as you and I. It really is quite disgraceful.

Now, I myself would never opt-in to this kind of thing; but that is simply because I do not wish to compromise my reputation. However, it is high-time that these shenanigans drew to a close, I say; and post-haste at that. As the thought-provoking articles of the Dailies Mail and Telegraph, respectively, have explained “law-abiding criminals, exercising their legal entitlements, represent everything that is wrong with our country”. Wheelchair users given free ramps; hospital patients granted free beds; pedestrians gifted free pavements. The exhibits of our society’s something for nothing culture is simply endless.

All right-thinking people will therefore surely agree with Professor Duncan Smith when he suggests that:

“What these malingering sorts need is the iron-fist of compassion. The lame shall walk, the blind will see again, the dead find themselves raised – just in time to be declared fit for work by a work capability assessment”.

And that’s not all:

“People with multiple sclerosis will be helped to write a CV – by sanctioning them if they fail to comply. Somebody who lacks at least three of their four limbs, will learn the merits of writing a covering letter; or be sanctioned if they fail to comply. People incapacitated by severe obesity will appreciate the positive impact that a sanctions-based diet can bring. Anyone recovering from severe stress, or a similar mental illness, will benefit from being made to spend hours seeking work, and additional work, then better paid work; or else being sanctioned if they fail to comply”.

I feel that there is little more which remains to be said on the subject, quite frankly; and note that the government has decided to press ahead with this very schema in view. After all, they are only helping people to help themselves.