The Right-Minded View On The Prime Minister Battling For Britain At The EU Summit

by richardhutton

Unlike the metropolitan elites, I, for one, applaud David Cameron’s efforts to strike a better deal for Britain in Europe. It is high time that somebody injected some realism into this discussion.

It is self-evident that Britain’s Prime Minister has played his hand more skilfully than some can bring themselves to admit. At one stroke, he has restored national pride, and re-invigorated British values, while quelling mutiny in the Parliamentary ranks, and bartering decisive concessions from the EUSSR bureaucrats (details to be announced on June 24th this year).

And that is but the first step. The hurdle has been crossed – and now Cameron can deliver on his patriotic pledges: first and foremost, establishing full control over our nation’s borders. This will be achieved by moving the British Isles no less than a half mile westward into the Atlantic; making it all but impossible for people to walk to Britain from France.

Secondly, Cameron will take a firm, but fair stand on uncontrolled migration – be it pigeons, swallows, housemartins, or geese: Cameron will impose the firmest limits imaginable; unless they are earning £35,000 per annum, at which point the limits will err on the side of fairness, as is only right and proper.

What’s thirdly, if the unimaginable should happen to transpire, and our government should be forced to re-enact the Dunkirk strategy, then Cameron will put his peerless bargaining skills to use, and simply negotiate new trade-treaties with foreign countries such as Iceland, Aldi, or Danepak.

I dare say that the white flag of victory is being waved as we speak. Hurrah!