The Right-Minded View: Russia’s Airstrikes In Syria – With Special Guest Posters

by richardhutton

A special guest post from Russian comrade in right-mindedness, Sergei Tupalov

Why is Britain media make disgracful attempts to tarnish glorious reputation for big and strong nation of Mother Putin’s Russia? dear leader would never make use of “war crimes” on those who try flee benevolent horror of the sovereign Syrian government.

Heroic Putin simply support civilised democratic police state of Assad, with typical Russian courage; and protect Syria brave leader from hospital terrorists and disabled children school terrorists – like topless wild boar, defeating many angry pro-Islamist chicken – and is best friend of Europe!!!

Putin’s war bring peace to Syria – but so bankrupt is Western elite, cannot even see faces in front of nose!!! And why Russia must stop bombing terrorists, who are disguise as patients in hospital beds? Or stop target rebel conclaves in so called “emergency care” ward? Why criticise surgical strike, using smart Russian bombs – which have 30% rate of accuracy???

Oh, I forgot – welcome to 2016, where anyone who defend Russian brave and consistent stance against evil conspiracy from evil conspiracy land of Wahhabi Arabia and peacefully bomb civilians is “war criminal”. anyway what about the US and A???


A special guest post from British media expert on Syria, Nigel Beggar:

It’s about time the double-standards of the anti-war left towards Putin’s Russia were called out. They are only too quick to object when our own government launches righteous and morally upstanding crusades for freedom, truth, and justice in the middle east; and is forced to deploy regrettably necessary surgical strikes against people we regard as this week’s menacing threat to our continued existence – along with the odd structural redesign of a hospital or two, once in a while.

Yet, do these anti-war types form cordons of protest, a mile long, the moment Russia’s government commences its ill-defined and transparently wrong-minded schemes of hair-brained mayhem in the self-same region? You bet they don’t. The nerve! And it isn’t as if Russia’s acts of unwarranted aggression make the world a more peaceful place – not like our country’s 15 year long stint of humanitarian intervention in the area has done.

I ask simply this: why aren’t the Left opposing this? And if they are, why aren’t they condemning it? And if they do condemn it, why don’t they denounce it? And it’s not enough to simply denounce it – you have to oppose it.

No doubt the self-same will begin murmuring at this point – contending that ‘there’s no point protesting from Britain because Putin isn’t remotely interested in what the British have to say, so it serves no purpose at all’; but that cuts no ice with me, I’m afraid – I detect appeasement when I hear it with my own two eyes. Oh yes. You know who else was a pacificist, and who supported appeasement don’t you? That’s right – Hitler.

If these latte-sippers like Russia so much, then they should bloody well go and live there, I say. Just whose side are they on?