The Right Minded View: A Triumph For Nigel Farage Is A Triumph For Commonsense

by richardhutton

Another triumph for Nigel Farage this week. Britain’s most successfully unelected Parliamentarian simply goes from strength to strength.

Just as Saint George (or Gideon, as he was then known) slayed the dragon, so has Farage mounted his high-horse, with the lance of destiny in his hand, and charged headlong into the fire-breathing windmill of the EU. Many people say that England is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, and has no need for an even denser population – well, I say that is where Ukip come in. And not a moment too late.

Far from being the wealth-creator’s paradise of old, our country is now simply unrecogniseable, thanks to the European Union. Due to EU rules, Scotland may well be reclassified as a part of France, rather than England; while England itself will be governed from Westminster, rather than Parliament.

All the while the pettifogging EU rules demand that we hold referendums on such things as the correct colour of oranges, and whether Christmas trees should be opened up to the free-market of other plant forms. I don’t want to wake up to a tinseled aspidistra on Christmas morning, thank you very much – not in my backyard, EUSSR Brussels! I just fear they won’t take no for an answer.

The latest government renegotiation (surrender?) will merely lead to further loss of sovereignty (existence?), as the Europeans will continue to absorb (eat?) our British powers – such as our inimitable capability for meeting danger head-on with a furrowed brow; or our native ability to issue a tut by way of rebuke.

Open borders migration is the biggest challenge facing Britain today, however. Just ask the man (or in these pc times, person) in the street – and I suppose any lady friend he or she (don’t ask, don’t tell) might have, and they’ll tell you: mass unskilled migration is changing the very fabric of our country; as the skilled jobs of native British birds, such as geese or seagulls are being usurped by migrants from North Africa – be they swifts, or swallows. But do you hear a word of condemnation from so-called politicians?

Contrary to what the elites may say, we simply don’t have enough border staff to check whether these winged menaces are really earning at least £35,000 per annum. For all we know, they could be making £34,000 – but have a penchant for blagging.

I am not a Eurosceptic – I am merely stating the obvious: only the Peoples’ Army will rekindle the spirit of Dunkirk, and save us from the eurocracy of elites imposing their incompetence from ahigh upon the stouthearted yeomen of England; and wave the white flag of victory with defiance.