The Right-Minded Approach To Creating A CV

by richardhutton

As a self-made man – one of only too few in this world, I might add – I consider my whole life to be an instructive experience in the world of work; with many valuable lessons for the aspirational to take on board (or else).

Nobody is more keen on edifying the general public than I; and serving as an exemplar to all, regardless of background. I may not have been born with every advantage in life, but nonetheless I have done tremendously well for myself. I see no reason, therefore, why my own CV should not serve as a template to delight and inspire all up and comers, in equal measure.

Personal Statement

As one who made their own way in this world, and wrote their own success story, blessed with nothing more than ambition, a talent for wealth-creation, a bit of pluck, some gumption, and a generous trust fund, I don’t see why I should have to pay so much tax.

Key Skills

Right-mindedness, commonsense, an ability to pull oneself up by the bootstraps at a moment’s notice; and an unstinting willingness to gird one’s loins in any circumstance. Always in a tasteful manner, of course.


I attended the Ayn Rand Academy For Aspirants. It’s motto is with me still: ‘Self-promotion, self-regard, and social-advancement – despite there being no such thing as society’. Amongst many things, I learned the virtues of self-sufficiency; and not to rely on wider society. What use would the free-school meals have been, for instance, had I not been in possession of a sound digestive system to begin with?


My first job was at the local Have-&-Eat Emporium of cake-making – a fine establishment, which put me on the straight and narrow, and charted my course in later life. Among the many fine points I learned, some spring more immediately to mind than others: adopting an attitude of due deference to one’s betters, for one example; along with a good dose of moral fibre (being accidentally cracked on the shins, now and then, by a supervisor’s stray boot does nobody any harm, in my view). Perhaps above all else, the value of efficiency: that is doing as little as possible, for as much as possible.

Shortly afterwards I was kept away from society, so to speak, for a brief stint; due to the combined ineptitude of an unworldly judge, and a jury which I can only describe as regrettably naive in the ways of the world. Customs and Excise, I ask you.

It all builds character, in my opinion, however. I subsequently went on to make a considerable pile in the commodities field; which is why I was able to retire in comfort – were it not for the overly officious habits of one’s better half, that is. Not to put too fine a point on matters, but this circumstance is not entirely unrelated to my application for the position advertised.


Playing golf, on weekends; and writing letters to the Daily Telegraph, detailing – no, chronicling – the latest outrage suffered by the decent among us, on weekdays.

There is little more which remains to be said on the subject of composing a good CV, in my opinion. If only young people these days would learn from the example set by the more right-thinking among us, the world would be a better place.