The Right-Minded View On Google’s Tax Deal

by richardhutton

No doubt the usual sorts will complain that this is simply the latest example of a good, old-fashioned back-hander going amiss betwixt Google’s cup and the government’s lip – and that the poor will lose out, while the wealthy gain. They may even go so far as to claim that this is the entire point of the present administration’s period in office, in fact; but they would be wrong, as per.

Getting down to glass tacks here, I ask simply this: is it really fair to demand that the virtuous wealth-creators of this world pay tax at all? In fact, is taxation really a necessity in our society? Couldn’t we do away with it entirely?

Hospitals are a good case in point. I say that we can remove any need for taxation to cover these, simply by making people who are ill take half a paracetamol, and find a quiet place to lie down; so that the rest of us will not be inconvenienced by them.

Schools and libraries seem to be an unnecessary repository of taxation, as well. My own experience is quite instructive here, in fact. I received little formal education, but have found that skim-reading the more right-thinking papers now and then is a very good way to compensate for any resultant short-comings.

To confirm this, look no further than our virtuous international wealth-creators at point. You would be very hard-pressed to find anyone among them who had so much as been within walking distance of a library. They certainly didn’t waste time idling about reading books; and they were far too busy pulling themselves up by the bootstraps to spend fruitless hours ‘studying’ for mickey-mouse qualifications at publicly-subsidised institutes of learning.

‘And what of taxation being necessary for our system of law and order?’, you ask. Can society function without a publicly-funded police force or a court-system? Well, if we are honest with ourselves, as we ought to be, don’t we know exactly what type of sort will go on to lead a life of crime well beforehand? I say that we can do away with any expenditure at all on a legal system, simply by taking anybody called Darren, or – God forbid – ‘Shaz’, and locking them up from day one.

Rather than fault Messrs Cameron and Osborne, therefore, we should be applauding them for rewarding the world’s many plucky creators of wealth; all while taking fiscal responsibility for reducing expenditure on the superfluous elements in life – such as libraries, schools, colleges, the police, and hospitals etc. All told, taxation is simply unnecessary in the modern world. Unless somebody who lives in a council property has one bedroom too many, that is.

And if you ask me, it simply serves to show how hollow the pretensions of so-called egalitarians are – as they talk about equality, while demanding that the wealthy pay a higher-rate of tax than the poor.