A Right-Minded View On The Future President Donald Trump

by richardhutton

Donald Trump is the voice of sound, patriotic commonsense. A man of our times, for our times? Hell yeah! He is not your average billionaire: he is someone people can trust – a man who tells it like it is – and his presidential credentials are obvious to all.

Donald Trump’s program for making America America again should be considered on its own merits:

Domestic stuff

Why should America’s government spend a hundred and fifty billion dollars on so-called “physiotherapy” for disabled ex-service personnel; when they could give the money to fund therapy for wounded military veterans instead?

Foreign stuff

President Trump will build a wall – a really big American one, with American bricks – between America and Russia. No-one will have to see Russia from their house then.

Kill Dead All Bad Guys

Only Trump has the credentials to defeat evil Islamist warlords, like the notorious militant leader Abu Ghraib. Only Trump will deal from strength to crush the Chinese Muslims in North Korea.


The stone age ended because people ran out of stone. The age of the internet may be much the same: we will simply run out of internet. President Trump will takes steps to ensure this does not happen, by investing in Scottish golf courses.

True Democracy

America is run for the rich and powerful. Who needs bought-and-paid-for politicians, when people can just elect those who buy and pay them in the first place? Cut out the middle-man (or in these PC times, middle-person) and vote Trump.

True Patriotism

Where other politicians offer Americans the world on a plate, only Trump loves his country enough to offer people the world on an American plate.

True Liberty 

Why should ordinary, hard-working Americas have to obey the laws of physics? Where is it written in the constitution? President Trump will end the constitutional requirement to do stuff that you don’t want to.

Donald Trump is America and so can you

Under a Trump Presidency, everyone will be able to live the American dream: everybody can win the Superbowl and the World Series and be inaugurated as President, all on the same day; if only they work hard enough.

Make America Great Again

Few could doubt the quality of timelessness which is surely a must-have attribute in all American presidential candidates – and something which Trump possesses in abundance. People often ask what the fossil-record will look like in 60 million years time. Well, if nylon remains imperishable, then Donald Trump’s hair will look as good as new.

Reclaim America: #Trump2016

Cowards need not apply.