The Right-Minded View On New Year’s Eve In Cologne

by richardhutton

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks on women, in the city of Cologne, many people are afraid that men from foreign countries will move to Europe, and bring with them some highly problematic attitudes and behaviour towards women. Can we be sure they will fit into our way of life, and shared values?

Simply consider how the degradation of women might become an everyday occurrence within any European community:

Violence being widespread in domestic settings. Women finding themselves regarded exclusively as sexual objects; or being harassed in public. Excuses being offered whenever a woman has become a victim of any serious sexual crime – especially if they were wearing supposedly revealing clothes at the time – if not blaming them for what happened. Indifference towards legal-systems which habitually deny women justice when they have been victimised. Discriminating against women, at all levels of life, through the application of innumerable double-standards.

In short, belonging to a culture of attitudes which revolves around treating women as if they were second class citizens in society; and seeing this imposed upon them, accordingly, through various public rituals of humiliation.

Of course, we all know that such things have never belonged in any civilised country. If you ask me, it really is high-time that certain sorts took a long, hard look at themselves.