Some Right-Thinking Thoughts On Well Over A Million Migrants And Refugees Reaching Europe, This Year.

by richardhutton

Reading one of the less sensible news publications today, it was reported that over a million migrants and refugees had arrived in Europe during 2015.

Well, I must say I’m surprised. Certainly if the more right-thinking members of our society are correct, there is simply no rational explanation why so many people are fleeing regions which, by a striking coincidence, happen to be engulfed in warfare, tyranny, and conflict. Take those countries often cited as bedrocks of dread – are they really so bad as all that?

Saudi Arabia, for example, has a fine social and political climate; where people are free to follow any religion they like, as long as it’s the right one.

Eritrea is a tough but fair state, with a tough but fair set of rules; where rights are generally respected, give or take one or two – such as the right to a fair trial, for instance; or the right to life. But we all know that justice systems are invariably too soft anyway.

Zimbabwe is simply a very efficient form of democracy – in order to spare people any inconvenience, Robert Mugabe sensibly plans the outcomes of all elections well in advance. Nor is he one to underestimate the virtues of self-sufficiency – he may receive fewer votes than his opponents, but that never stops him establishing a parliamentary majority.

There’s been a bit of a rum-to-do and argy-bargy in Iraq, since 2003, for reasons which defy any obvious explanation, given that our government helped establish peace and freedom throughout the entire region that year. Syria, likewise, has a bit of aggro going on at the moment. If the newspapers are correct, however, then people taking flight from these countries have trainers, and even mobile phones in some cases; which clearly proves that they can’t possibly be at risk from torture, unlawful detention, barrel bombs – or similarly indiscriminate weaponry – raining down from high altitude.

Then there’s China – whose government avoids the vicissitudes of political conflict, by sensibly allowing only one party; while demonstrating the virtues of light-touch regulation. Of police brutality, for example. North Korea, however, merely takes an assertive approach to the global obesity epidemic.

All told, these countries clearly have no persecution which is out of the ordinary – if anything, it is only too ordinary and commonplace; and what’s more, perfectly egalitarian, as nobody who lives there is excluded. It simply defies reason that so many people from these countries would attempt to find safe haven in Europe.