Some Right-Thinking Thoughts On The Oldham By-Election

by richardhutton

We all know what happened here. First, let us dispense with the easy answer that the media got it wrong. Therefore, it must have been a conspiracy. In a country with a long-established  electoral system, and a predominant media culture, which between them are designed to discourage people who would like a principled approach to public service from participating in elections, it is the only explanation for Ukip failing to triumph in Oldham.

Is there any evidence to support this theory? Well, consider the fact that people were reportedly turning up with bundles of postal votes in their arms; all of them wearing suspiciously similar uniforms, emblazoned with the words ‘Royal Mail’. As one Guardian insider, reporting directly from Oldham, noted: “I spoke to three people in a shopping centre, and they didn’t even know that Corbyn had a beard”. If it’s safe to make generalisations about an entire region of the country, from a few random people, then there’s simply no way that the media could have called this wrong. And yet the Labour party’s popularity increased?

What’s more, it defies reason to believe that Ukip’s policies could ever prove unpopular with the general public. We all know it’s high-time to end the ridiculous situation, whereby the EU Parliament drafts no less than 70% of the laws of physics; while Ukip’s bold pledge to make all crime illegal is just commonsense. The lunar tides almost certainly played a part here, too.

But still, at least the Oldham result gives Nigel Farage an excuse to announce his resignation early; and come back fighting fit as UKIP’s new leader in 2016. This week has been a notable success for Ukip, all told; and yet another bad election result for Jeremy Corbyn, following-on from his landslide victory in the party leadership contest. It is only too clear now that Corbyn has been abandoned by everyone apart from the electorate.