Electoral Diary Of Reginald Horace – 5th May

by richardhutton

It is high time that the electorate remembered their place, and stopped imagining that this election is all about them. We are not voting for our benefit, but for that of people who really matter: namely, our betters – newspaper owners, for example; or different newspaper owners. The public have forfeited the confidence of the Prime Minister on this – they have failed to live up to expected standards, and he is right to point out that they have let themselves, and especially him, down in the process. Instead of embracing the Big Society, they continue to bemoan hunger and poverty; or complain about inequality.

You never hear Mr Murdoch, or Mr Lebedev mention these things. No. This is because they simply have better manners than to do so. And they are right to suggest that a vote for Ed Miliband would be a disaster for the country. If we are all perfectly honest with ourselves, when we look at Miliband, don’t we see the demeanour of somebody who might witness these two gentlemen drop crumbs onto the carpet, and discreetly tread them in; rather than do the sensible thing and blame the dog (a habitual scrounger) while scuttling around with a dustpan and brush?

We live in an era of unparalleled prosperity for ordinary, hard-working people such as Messers Lebedev and Murdoch. This may very well be jeapordised unless the British public demonstrate the same steely resolve shown by the citizens of Pompeii, and vote Conservative.