Electoral Diary Of Reginald Horace – 26th April

by richardhutton

There is no truer saying than ‘class will out’ and David Cameron has class by the barrowful. It is reflected first and foremost in his choice of ties. With regard to making economics the focal point of his campaign, however, he is right to rule out apologising for something he hasn’t even done – I never apologise for things I have done, let alone things I have not.

Leftists may very well complain about the Tory election campaign being unpleasant and personal; but they are wrong, as usual. You never hear Cameron mention disagreeable things, such as poverty or inequality; and when was the last time he complained about having an insufficient income to live on; or mentioned having to choose between buying food and paying heating bills? Never – because he simply has better manners than to make the personal political.

If this election has shown us anything, it is that people reap what they sow. And if Cameron does lose, it will be everybody else’s fault except his.