Electoral Diary Of Reginald Horace – 25th April

by richardhutton

I for one welcome the Home Secretary’s statements today. Allowing Scottish people a say in how their country should be run would not be democratic. Allowing right-thinking Scottish people a say is the way forward, so that they may democratically do exactly what we say is good for them.

The best example of this is set by a simple comparison of Ms May to Ms Sturgeon. Whereas Theresa May is a jolly sort of person, who firmly believes in the maxim “there is far more life to be lived when you’re wrong”, her counterpart disagreeably insists on talking about fairness, and the problems of inequality. You never hear Theresa May mention these things, for the very simple reason that she has better manners than to do so.

What’s more, the Home Secretary is a firm believer in law and order. On this she is right. Nobody cares more about keeping this country safe and respectable than I; but if anybody does it is Ms May. To put it mildly, I am appalled by the fact that there is a closed-circuit television camera for every fifty citizens in our country. At the very least, we should have one each; and in that way be able to keep close tabs on our more questionable neighbours; such as those with north-of-the border accents. Our country has a sterling history in this regard. The signatories of Magna Carta would never have stood for any oversight; and as I have always said ‘if it was good enough for our forefathers 800 years ago, then it’s good enough for me’. They may not have had closed-circuit cameras back then, for all I know; but they certainly had village gossips. There is little difference.

It is of no minor comfort that Theresa May took bold steps towards realising much this same vision during the past few years. This is because she knows that crime rates will only drop for good when those suspected of criminal intent are safely in prison. No doubt leftists will gainsay at this point, and suggest that locking people up before a crime has been committed is a touch severe; but they merely over-think such things. This is not a charge anybody could level at Theresa May.